Host an ATA Adaptive Training Seminar

Register to offer to host one of ATA's live seminars at your gym/organization.

Minimum Host Requirements

*please make sure you can meet the following requirements before applying*

Minimum space requirement: 3,000 square feet

Accessible entrance/exit (Note: sidewalk and doorway must be accessible for people with disabilities; wheelchairs, walkers, etc.)

2 Accessible Toilets (Note: non-US hosts must have at least 1 toilet with a 5ft turning area inside the stall accessible for a wheelchair)

Basic First-Aid Kit, Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Central Heat/Air Conditioning or adequate fans to maintain an acceptable temperature

Water fountain or water bottles, Chairs 1 for each participant (Note: may rent or borrow chairs for seminar; benches, boxes, or similar are not acceptable)

1 Small Table ( Note: Large enough to seat at least two people side by side; used for staff registration)

1 Whiteboard Minimally 4 by 6 feet (1.2 by 1.8 meters)

1 Gymnastics Mat, Medicine Balls (any brand) — 8-20 lb. (3–9 kg) (Note: minimum 5preferred 1 per participant)

Weightlifting Bars— 35lbs(15kg) - 45lbs(20kg) 1 per participant

Dumbbells or Kettlebells (5–35 lbs) 1 pair of each

2 Plyo Boxes, Pull-Up Rig (Note: Rig should be large enough to support 15 people at once.)

5 Sets of Rings (Note: must be adjustable to a low height that is reachable while seated on the floor

5 Rowers, Bands (various sizes and strengths)